Designed for construction/renovations, septic, pipe laying, concrete work and various other building projects.

These products can have multiple uses. All products listed in this section are suitable for any sized project.

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Disclaimer: Products may vary from different suppliers. Product descriptions are only a rough guideline. Product effectiveness will vary according to location, type of soil and correct application. For more information, please contact us.

Product List

3/4" Navvy Jack

This product is a mixture of aggregate and clean sand, designed to be paired with Type-10 (Portland) cement when mixing concrete.

Fill Material

Pit Run

Pit Run is gravel found in natural deposits, meaning it is extracted straight from the banks of a gravel pit, with no manufacturing or processing involved. Pit Run is used as a filler, a primary road base or soft areas.

SGSB Pit Run

Highway construction specifications, this product is a screened Pit Run with 3 inch and smaller rock. Can also be 1 inch crush stone with fines (binding material). Used as a road base.

3 Pit Run (minus)

This product is unprocessed gravel that includes 3 inch rock and smaller.

4 Pit Run (minus)

When available this product includes 4 inch rock and smaller.

Bank Sand

Sand that has not been filtered. Can contain clay and boulders. Used as a fill material.

Screened Bank Sand

Filtered sand from the ground. Comes as is, not processed. Used as a fill material.


Bedding Sand (coarse)

A coarse, general purpose sand. Great for drain trenches, sand bags, and underneath paving stones. Can be mixed to create concrete or with top soil for lawns.


Also known as Hydro Sand, C-33 is a certified washed sand for septic systems, bedding pipes, and electrical cables. Specification sheet for septic systems available upon request.

Construction Sand

This product is a granular sub-base material used in many building projects.

Concrete Sand (coarse)

A clean, coarse sand. Generally used to create concrete. Similar in consistency to bedding sand. Also used for filling and leveling.

Masonry Sand (fine)

When paired with cement, masonry sand is for grouting or brick laying. This clean sand works well under pools and in sandboxes.

Washed Fill Sand (coarse)

Generally used for the bedding of pipes or as fill material.

Round Rock/Drainage

For product description on Bird's Eye, Pea Gravel and Drain Rock, see our Gravel and Rock product list for more information

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