Designed for driveways, pathways, drainage and various other projects.


These products can have multiple uses.  All products listed in this section are suitable for any sized project.


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Disclaimer: Products may vary from different suppliers. Product descriptions are only a rough guideline. Product effectiveness will vary according to location, type of soil and correct application. For more information, please contact us.   



Product Terms:

Fines is the by-product of the crushing process, creating small particulates that help bind a product together, allowing it to pack

Clear – meaning no fines only stone

Minus – indicates a product in various sizes from the largest size noted and smaller

Pit Run – raw earth, un-processed from a gravel pit; used as a fill material



Product List





5/8” Driveway Chip

A road base designed to pack.


3/4" Road Base

A mixture of rock and sand that packs to a hard base. Used under paving stones (under the bedding sand layer) or concrete slabs, as it levels easily.


3/4" Crush Road Base

This product will give you a hard packed base under driveways, pathways and sheds, also great for filling potholes.



Road base used to fill large areas or depressions. Can be a mix of fill materials such as Pit Run, crushed stone, or rocks with fines.


For more information on fill material, see our product description for Construction Aggregates 



-available in ½”, ¾” and 1½”

A crushed rock, with fines as a binding agent. Packs to a hard surface. Well suited as a base layer or to fill potholes. Leaves a crushed clear appearance on the surface.


3/4" Fractured Rock (clear)

A slightly loose pathway or driveway gravel, and does provide some drainage as well. Will not pack. 


5/16” Screenings

Used as a top layer over a road base.


3/8” Screenings with Fines (binding agents)

Packs down, used as a top layer over a road base.


Re-claimed Asphalt (crushed)

3/4" minus. Has benefits for sloped driveways. 




Only the most common products are listed above. 


If you are unsure of a product, we would be happy to provide more information. 


For additional sizes or material, please contact us


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Pathways (Crushed Stone)


3/8" Fine Crush

Crushed stone with binding material that compacts with use. Used for pedestrian pathways.


Crushed Stone (20mm)

A clear product with no binding material, making it suitable for patios or pathways.



Round Rocks/Drainage Rock


3/16" Birds Eye (clear)  

Slightly smaller than Pea Gravel. Like Pea Gravel, it's a great option for children’s play areas or dog runs. Also used for drainage and decorative landscaping. Not recommended for driveways.


3/8” Pea Gravel (clear)

This product is a round rock that is great for children’s play areas and dog runs. Also used for drainage and decorative landscaping. Not recommended for driveways.


1/2" Pea Gravel

The standard gravel for exposed concrete. Not recommended for pathways, as this product will spread if not contained.


3/4" Drain Rock

A standard, round rock used for drainage – also works well for making natural decorative areas.


1 1/2" Drain Rock (clear)

A good option for both drainage and decoration. Provides slightly better drainage than the 3/4" drain rock.


1 1/2" Round Rock (minus)

Used for drainage or as decoration. Includes 1 ½ inch and smaller round stone. 



Additional sizes of round rock are available. Contact us for more details


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