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Disclaimer: Products may vary from different suppliers. Product descriptions are only a rough guideline. Product effectiveness will vary according to location, type of soil and correct application. For more information, please contact us.      



Product List




Garden Soil

A mix of peat and fish compost, heat baked and contains no weeds. For use as top soil in your garden.


Premium Garden Soil

Better suited for existing gardens with pour drainage. Contains organic compost from green bins and kitchen waste, as well as river sand.


Garden Mix

Approx. 85% natural earth and 15% organic compost, this product is ideally suited for new gardens and is best for seedlings.


Duke Soil

Approx. 65% soil, 15% organic compost and 20% sand. This product has not been baked and may contain weeds. It is slightly lower in cost than the ‘Garden Soil.’


Lawn Soil

Features soil and sand usually at a 50/50 mix. When available lawn soil, containing loam soil and bedding sand. Lawn soil is lower in cost than the lawn soil with compost.


Lawn Soil with Compost

This product is designed for grass to grow at it’s best. A lawn soil mixed with approx 50% organic compost and 50% sand.


Nursery Soil (Recycled from greenhouses)

This is not a heavy soil as it contains a mix of expanded clay pellets, charcoal, and perlite. Best used for hanging baskets, window boxes and planters.





Screened Compost

Is 100% compost from green bins (yard and kitchen waste).



Composted fish by-product and wood fines from forestry waste. This product is rich, dark and doesn’t have a strong odour.  Certified organic.  Chemical and weed free.



Certified fish compost and sawmill waste.  This product is rich, dark and doesn’t have a strong odour. 












*For more information on organic compost, manure and other soils click on the link below:

'The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a national nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing.'


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Bark Mulch


Bark Mulch is a great asset to any garden.  Here are some examples:


Moisture – laying mulch over your garden’s soil helps plants battle dry spells and reduces the need for watering

Insulation – mulch provides protection for the soil during the winter’s cold and summer’s heat

Insectsoils from the wood can act as a natural pesticide

Attractive Garden – visual appeal offered in a variety of sizes, textures and shades


Product List

  • Hemlock and Fir Bark Mulch
  • Hemlock and Fir Bark Mulch (No Cedar)
  • Hemlock and Alder Bark Mulch


  Good to know:

  • Each product has its own pleasant and distinctive aroma.
  • Hemlock has a reputation of being a 'sliver-free' mulch, making it easy to spread, and safe around children.
  • Cedar is cited as having the ability to deter insects, which dislike the strong cedar aroma. This can assist in keeping pests from your plants. A good choice to spread near house foundations.
  • Mulches are slow to decompose. After spreading an initial layer of about 3 inches in the first year, you'll probably only need a light layer to freshen up the look of your yard the following year.
  • Hemlock is known to contain a high level of nitrogen, an essential plant nutrient, that nourishing your soil as it decomposes.

 Disclaimer: Product colours may vary. Natural bark will appear darker when wet, lighter when dry. All wood products will fade with time, depending on exposure.


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Bedding Sand (coarse)

A coarse, general purpose sand. Great for drain trenches, sand bags, and underneath paving stones. Can be mixed to create concrete or with top soil for lawns.


Masonry Sand (fine)

When paired with cement, masonry sand is for grouting or brick laying. This clean sand works well under pools and in sandboxes.


For more sand products, please visit our Construction Aggregate page


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